Being completely independent of any product sales, IMAG is able to give focused, unbiased advice that can be guaranteed to be in the best interests of your business.

IMAG are also involved with industry groups such as GOA, Pulse Australia, and conduct extension research for GRDC. Our research aims to find answers to questions affecting crop production and to develop solutions to evolving issues in the local farming environment.

Information is delivered individually via phone and email, with further information supplied by newsletters, text alerts and social media posts. The Directors have long associations with agriculture and are committed to being active participants in the exciting and challenging future years. Being completely independent of any product sales, IMAG is able to give focussed, unbiased advice that is in the best interests of your farming business to meet your individual needs and goals.


Crop Management Services
Crop Management Services

IMAG’s Crop Management Service currently services in excess of 50,000 ha. We provide tailored advice on crop rotations, varieties and fertilisers, as well as weed, insect and disease control. Our in-crop and fallow monitoring throughout the year assists our clients in timely decision making and maximising their profitability. This service includes developing proactive strategies for managing herbicide resistance and tactical nutrition for all crops.

IMAG uses a number of Precision Agriculture tools to enable clients to take the next step in profit optimisation. Clients are encouraged to collect yield maps and combined with other available data such as NVDI or variable soil pH maps to develop management zones for IMAG agronomists to then conduct in-field audits and ground truth to identify the yield-limiting factors

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Farm Business Planning

Farm Business Planning is the first step for many of our clients before they begin their farming year.  This whole farm approach to planning allows clients to ascertain predicted income and profit levels, and use this information to set target prices for each enterprise. It also identifies areas for improvement such as overhead cost expenditure, and whether further economies of scale can be attained. It is also a vital step when considering any business expansion. Read More



Expert Witness and Loss Assessment

Loss Assessment is another area where IMAG can offer expertise. Using their extensive experience and agronomic skills, IMAG consultants can help identify factors that may have adversely impacted on an enterprise, and calculate the quantum of any loss incurred. Read More