IMAG’s Crop Management Service currently services in excess of 50,000ha. We provide tailored advice on crop rotations, varieties and fertilisers, as well as weed, insect and disease control. Our in-crop and fallow monitoring throughout the year assists our clients in timely decision making and maximising their profitability. This service includes developing proactive strategies for managing herbicide resistance and tactical nutrition for all crops.


IMAG uses a number of Precision Agriculture tools to enable clients to take the next step in profit optimisation. Clients are encouraged to collect yield maps and combined with other available data such as NVDI or variable soil pH maps to develop management zones for IMAG agronomists to then conduct in-field audits and ground truth to identify the yield-limiting factors.  

A major strategy provided by the service involves constructing crop plans which meet both the yield, quality and fodder requirements of the whole farm.  The implementation of rotation plans has been instrumental in increasing average yields with clients.  The plan is reviewed annually with respect to paddock performance and market trends.  Projections for future years are also performed to take account of herbicide rotation and residue management, future feed requirements and overall balance of cropping and pasture areas.