IMAG offers a range of products that analyse your business and identify key areas for improvement.  Which method you choose will depend on what outcomes you wish to achieve

Profit Trend Analysis

This analysis is performed using historical taxation data and does not examine production information over a number of years.  It is conducted to gain a rapid snapshot of a business to determine if it has the potential to be a viable entity in the long term. It also assists in identifying performance in the key areas of operating and business return and where the gross income is being spent (on overheads, direct costs, finance or taken as profit).  It is designed to be the starting point in farm business improvement.

Farm Business Analysis

Both physical and financial information is used to analyse business performance throughout the production year.  The analysis examines gross margin returns for all livestock and cropping enterprises.  Physical targets are calculated (such as crop yield/ha, wool cut/head and kg beef/ha) in addition to the usual financial benchmarks (operating return on assets, business return on equity, asset turnover, gross margin ratio and many others).

FBA can identify areas of concern, and above average performance, to help in making adjustments to business structure.  It becomes a particularly powerful tool when used over a number of years, as trends can be identified that are often obscured by seasonal spikes.