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New Herbicides

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A few exciting new agronomy products for 2015 – IMAG Field Notes – June 2015

  • As you know, there are numerous herbicides on the market and there are generic brands of the same active ingredient that will control a similar spectrum of weeds. As agronomists, we are spending more time looking at the spectrum of weeds in a field in conjunction with herbicide group rotation (or insecticide group)……

Paradigm® halauxifen (I) + florasulam (B)

  • This is a new product from Dow providing broad spectrum broadleaf weeds control in wheat, barley, triticale and oats. Its strength is in some hard to kill BL weeds such as radish, fumitory and poppy (Rough and Mexican).

Rustler® propyzamide (D) by Cheminova

  • This is some exciting chemistry for annual ryegrass control which is now registered for IBS use in canola. IMAG have been trialing this chemistry for a couple of years. There are some compatibility issues when applying with knockdown herbicides so make sure you speak to one of us before use.



Fig.4. Atrazine/Propyzamide/Trifluralin on Annual Ryegrass

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